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Received TWO letters today from the blue cross animal charity in the post today.

As previously stated this is a charity we support so opened the letter straight away.

Ignoring the fact the names still printed wrong on the address box and the see through plastic address window,it is a very nicely laid out appeal letter not resorting to histrionics just stating the facts that they re-home 6,000 animals a year ,many of whom would otherwise be put down.

On a separate piece of paper is the method of payment for a one off donation As usual there is the £15,£30 and£50 box to tick with the other box shoved at the end (c’mon people stop putting a price on my generosity) but at least you have the option of a postal order donation for those who don’t have a cheque book or credit card (there are a few of us still pay by cash)

There’s also a glossy booklet with lots of cute dogs on so if Martin the spaniel doesn’t melt your heart,Rodger the lurcher will certainly have you reaching for your wallet.

Unfortunately I have reached my limit this month for giving but this is the kind of appeal I would usually contribute to. No screaming headlines or shocking pictures just the plain facts and a hope that you will contribute.


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