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I received a letter from them today. I used to give to them by direct debit but when I changed my account I never got round to sorting it out and a stime  went on I forgot all about it.

The letter was to say thank you about supporting them in the past and to ask if I would donate again.

The amount they are asking for is £2 a month. As Ive said before I don’t like being told how much minimum donation I should send but most people can afford 50p a week so this didn’t bother me this time.

The letter wasn’t pushy.It acknowledges that peoples circumstances change but asks if you can start again they would appreciate it.

Along with the letter is a booklet about a little girl (Chloe) and what happened to her and how the NSPCC helped her and her mother get over the abuse she suffered.

I will fill the form out tonight and post it first thing. I prefer the gentle approach to fundraising and not the guilt trip/horrendous photos approach some charities adopt.

EDIT: I’ve just noticed the letter is printed on environmentally friendly paper but the dreaded plastic address window of shame is used.


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