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Two things that irritate me about charity communications are coins sellotaped to an appeal letter, and questionnaires. Recently, I received a letter from PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) that managed to combine both of these pet hates. The reason I dislike receiving coins is because I feel that it it applies undue pressure to respond – how could I not return the money? (It was 5p in this case.) Surely I must return it and add some more. As for questionnaires, they inevitably lead to a request for money. Its all rather bogus – why not be up front and ask me for a contribution straight out?

PETA’s questionnaire was accompanied by 4 sides of type giving the ‘facts’ about vivisection. The content was rather sensational, mildly self-congratulatory, slightly patronising and frankly dull. I would not have have read beyond the first few lines but for researching this blog. The written content did not cause me to share PETA’s outrage or move me to contribute – especially as they wanted a response within 10 days. So a hat trick of personal dislike boxes ticked in one go! Sorry PETA I am keeping your 5p. Your methods annoy me, and your literature did not encourage me to support your aims. As a scientist, I am concerned about animal experiments, but feel they are necessary in some cases. Nothing in this appeal has changed that opinion.   


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