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Thames Reach & Maz

At Thames Reaches’ Hudson house clients run a group for service users. We do lots of things such as art & crafts,have day trips and at the moment we have a free lance photographer teaching us to make pinhole camreas and photograms. The group is self funded which we do by fund raising using sponsored walks,swims etc. Bucket collections are another method we use. It all helps keep a very important group going.

Many ex-homeless find it hard to ajust to living indoors due to the loneliness and end up isolating themselves. Some even go back to the streets because the change is hard to cope with. This is why our Saturday Group is so important to us. We help each other learn to socialise, support one another and generally share ways we have learned that can benefit others in the situations many of us have been in before.

We have all been helped by the homeless charity Thames Reach and many of us wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for them. Thank you Thames Reach and all who help us.


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