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World Villages for Children


Having blogged previously in glowing terms about the work of World Villages for Children describing it as one of my favourite charities for the work it does with deprived children in the Far East, I now have to admit to being naïve and gullible.  I further have to admit that had I carried out research at an earlier date, I would not have blogged as I did.  I now learn that both the American Institute of Philanthropy and the Charity Commission have enquired into the activities of this charity.  To cut a long story short, the charity appears to spend the greater part of its charitable income on administration and fundraising.  A Charity Commission report published in March 2002 reports that in 1999 only 28% of the total money raised was spent on charitable activity.  That is £1.34 million at a total raised of £4.8 million.  Since the Commission will monitor the future activity of the charity to ensure fundraising and administration costs are significantly reduced and the proportion spent on charitable causes increased, perhaps any long term fears are unfounded.


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