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defy them!

received an email from amnesty a few days ago
which actually wasn’t very difficult
because the link to it was broken : /

i emailed their support team about it
seemed a shame to go to all the trouble of emailing an advert
that leads nowhere_ especially with such an unfortunate title!
got a couple of fast responses from an AI team member
who suggested i embed the youtube version here

problem with that appears to be that i shouldn’t be ‘promotional’ on this blog
(‘raj’ writes that he’d prefer me to blog 1000 words about a Greenpeace movie
rather than provide a link where my readers can make up their own minds)
i hope he took the time to watch that video
because then i’m sure he’d agree with me
that 1000 words wouldn’t have done it justice
take it from a writer who’s won national awards for his work_
sometimes written words just aren’t enough

what are we blogging for and about anyway_ i ask myself
sure _ so that charities get feedback from their fundraising efforts
but is that really all it is about? the ‘church of whatever good cause’
being responded to by the already converted congregation?
(“that was such a wonderful sermon you gave vicar_ see you next sunday” ???)

it seems to me that promotion is inevitable as soon as we blog
and i don’t mind that _ because i wouldn’t support the charities that i do
or find the time to blog about them
unless i thought that their causes were worthy of promotion anyway
(i’m not here just to preach to the converted)

so here’s a link to the broken movie from Amnesty International _

(and just to keep my critics happy)… i felt the movie was confusing at first
though i got the point it was trying to make in the end
wasn’t a patch on the Greenpeace movie though_ which really does pack a punch

and here_ just in case anyone missed it_ is the link to the Greenpeace vid
(i hope you checked it out raj?)

there you go_ words and promotion too!
psy_warrior’s ALWAYS gonna be a ‘bad’ boy >; )
like the Amnesty video sez_ “defy them!”

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