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Shifting Sands

Am i just capricious or are there others out there who change their priorities as to which charities are deserving of their largesse? These past few months i have definitely had a change of heart, and that will be reflected in my giving in 2011. This change by the way has certainly not arisen because of fresh demands on my purse, as i do not recall any charities contacting me out of the blue to ask for my support. Nor, even more surprisingly, do i get repeat requests from charities where i have given to them out of the blue – surely even a small-scale charity maintains a database of some kind?

My Saul-Paul moment came in the spring of 2010. I read about the Optimum Population Trust and thought ‘if it’s good enough for David Attenborough, it’s good enough for me’. Apparently his stance on the future of the planet is to say that if we don’t control our population anything else we do is pointless.

So where might i be looking to donate in the following year? The OPT of course but also charities which look to save the planet itself (eg Friends of the Earth), birth control (unless it seems Bill Gates got that sewn up); charities saving animal species (not caring for domestic pets which are as much consumers as people); and charities working on conflict resolution as  threatened peoples will have more children as a hedge against being defeated in future (see the birthrates in Israel either side of the wall); and bee charities and those protecting plant species. Etc. Shall think on’t as there must be other areas which i can link back to the OPT philosophy.

My money will not be spent on looking after the people who are already here, eg trying to maintain health or even save lives. Why would i? Far too many of us here already. If we lose a few (thousand), shrug, then the planet can only benefit. How callous that sounds, but in OPT i seem not to be alone in having that as a dark thought which one hardly dare voice.

That said, where does that leave me? Coming from a long-lived family, and maintaining a very healthy lifestyle in every way, am i not part of the problem? The longer i live the more resources i consume, even if recycling and buying 2nd hand and being a frugal person etc. Perhaps i should also resolve to walk on the wild side in 2011 – eat drink & be merry. Smoke untipped cigarettes? Take up bungee jumping? Not gonna die of compassion fatigue that’s for sure.



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