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 Warchild works with former child soldiers and others  affected by a conflict in many of the world’s main war zones.

A minnow by comparison with the British Legion it also has been running an extremely effective campaign. In Warchild’s case to support its ongoing work in Iraq, where it is the only child protection agency working in Southern Iraq. The charity relies on the music industry for much of its support, fundraising through a number of recent concerts and the sale of music downloads. This has enabled the charity to get its message across to an audience and into many publications that perhaps fall outside the norm. One recent feature in FHM looked at the training of Warchild’s staff to respond to threats to their personal safety in the event of kidnap. The video produced was both entertaining, informative and I would have thought hit a target market, readers of a Lads mag, who are missed by more established charities.

Warchild has been quick to embrace many of the opportunites that the net provides with use of Myspace, Flickr, blogging etc. The website is excellent and sets a standard that many more high profile charities fail to achieve;

I have never received a mailshot from Warchild, they have earned my support through effective online communication and most importantly doing work that really matters.


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