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Lottery Funding.

A lot of charities rely heavily on The National Lottery to help fund them in running costs , projects etc but recently I  heard of a charity close to my heart having its lottery fund withdrawn as they are concentrating on funding the Olympics.On further investigation it would seem they are not the only one. £410m lottery cash will be taken directly from good causes to pay for a London Olympics.

In an article on the BBC website in January it is said the sale of Olympic land will reimburse some of the funds back to the lottery.

After the Olympics, profits from the sale of the Olympic Park land will initially reimburse London Development Agency (LDA) land acquisition costs and disturbance compensation costs, estimated at up to £650m. Further profit will be used to repay lottery funds.

A quote from Tessa Jowell says

Ms Jowell said the new funding plan “should give lottery distributors real confidence that the additional funding necessary for a successful Olympic and Paralympic Games will be repaid – providing them and the whole country with a further 2012 dividend”.

A quick look on Google shows that £1 in every £5 is going towards the Olympics. A quote from Janet Paraskeva, chair of the Olympic Lottery Distributor says “It is only right that the Lottery Good Causes should share in the fruits of that investment.” 

OK its only my opinion but how exactly are charities supposed to survive until this glorious time when the cash cow arrives? After all four years in this current economic climate is a long time to wait.

Are the charities supposed to tell Mrs Smith at the moment she cant have free transport to the hospital for her treatment as without funding the charity cant afford to run the minibus they bought but in 4 years time she can go where she wants?.

Is Mr Jones supposed to tell his child the youth club he enjoys that gives him the confidence he never had and a place Mr Jones knew his child was safe and looked after will have to close but not to worry it will reopen in four years?

OK slightly over egging the pudding but in this current economic climate funding is going to be in seriously short supply when the credit crunch finally bites hard and effectively raiding the good causes fund  is disgraceful.

I know The Olympics will bring cash to The UK but how directly will it help charities?

Surely there should be some legislation to prevent this thing happening? After all there is the dream number game which is supposed to be funding the games. Surely if there isn’t enough then Camelot should take it out of its profits rather than raiding the cookie jar?


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