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So let down

As in my previous post I mentioned how I was approached to spare as much cash as I could for Oxfam which I did.

A few days after confirming my details I received a package which contained a thank you letter (comparing me to Emmeline Pankhurst and Nelson Mandela!!!!!),a huge picture of the world ,a pie chart and I don’t know what they were but cardboard squares I’m guessing are coasters.

So out of my £3.00 a month donation I am guessing about £1.99 was used this month to say thanks!

An A4 letter in a plain envelope would have been fine. The rest went in the bin and I was really annoyed the charity could be so irresponsible (nearly to the point of me cancelling my donation)

Another one today from The Red Cross, a free pen (thank you very much will add to the collection) and two roses cards. Completely random and again straight into the recycling.

Its insane that in this current economic climate charities will still be sending JUNK as a way of trying to get peoples donations.

How would I do it?

Notepad,letter saying this the most cost effective way of asking for help unless asked for no other letters will be sent and if you want a donation write (in biro as you have so many!!)  the website address.





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